Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Very Busy Day

Science: Day 13

Science Club at the HMS Beagle Science Store

Today was our first Homeschool Science Club at the HMS Beagle Science Store in Parkville. It was good. The topic this month was electricity, so we were regaled with fun electric science experiments by a local electrical engineer. He brought a Tesla coil and we learned about Tesla, and conductivity, and much more. The kids had a good time and liked watching things pop and spark and catch fire. Heck, who doesn't? I spent the bulk of the time trying to keep Winnie from destroying several thousand dollars worth of fossils and science equipment for sale in the store, but what's new, really??? Up next month -- microscopes.

Zhara demonstrating riding a bike to turn an old computer motor, to make enough electricity to light a 100 watt lightbulb.

Later in the day, after lunch and recovering from Winnie in a shopping location, we went to our monthly American Girl Club meeting where they discussed the first Josephina book that they had all read, played games, learned some Spanish phrases, and made and ate tortillas. There were lots of girls there, including Zhara's BFF, Meredith, so she was happy.

Then we ran by grandma's school for a visit and to pick up some farm eggs. While there Angus showed grandma how he had learned to write 5:00 and put it on the wind around clock face we have. In fact, he spent much of the time at American Girl Club working on different times on the clock. He was really into it, and had me show him all different "o'clock times." Zhara spent much of her time at grandma's school drawing pictures of all the kids on the blackboard. Winnie ran around like a crazy person per usual.

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