Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Science: Day 11

Dinosaur Digging and Exploration
at the T-Rex Cafe

Today was the Preschool Power Pals outing to the T-Rex Cafe. Thankfully, most of the preschoolers have older siblings, so Zhara had plenty of friends there to play with, too. They had fun. We took a tour and learned some interesting dinosaur facts, dug in the sand and fossil pit, explored some minerals, then ate with our friends. It was lots of fun.

Our tour guide

Winnie and James digging in the fossil pit

Zhara and Lily digging and talking. Lots of talking.

Angus wore his lab coat (AKA dad's old dress shirt) for the science-y occasion

We all packed in to a giant table under a glowing jelly fish to eat. Cool, and a fun way to eat with your friends.

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