Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Weekend Recap

Well, we didn't get to go to Geography Quiz Bowl on Friday -- boo! Winnie has been feeling cruddy, and then she started taking a nap, and frankly, I wasn't waking her for anything, so we skipped out. I feel bad, but the napping sick toddler won out on this one.

Zhara sold Girl Scout cookies with her troop on Saturday morning. Early. In a VERY dead Ace Hardware store. Yawn, there was not a lot of cookies sold. I will leave it at that.

Today we did the church thing, and Adam and I taught preschool UU Sunday school. We learned about the moon. It was fun. Then Zhara and I headed over to an art show where I was selling my soap.

Oh, isn't our life exciting! Ha.

We are getting pretty excited that we are leaving for the UWWG Unschooling Conference on Friday. We are driving to Ohio and spending 5 days at the Kalahari Indoor Water Park with close to 400 other unschooling families. It's my birthday present. I really am very excited. Happy Birthday to me!


  1. Hey, we missed you at Geo Quiz but we hope Winnie is feeling better. 'Hope you'll be able to come next time!


  2. Jealous about the conference!! I would've loved to go. Maybe next year... come home and tell me all about it!