Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Science: Day 3

Bunnies and Invisible Ink

...and adorable kids in goggles for no good reason!

Today's science experiment came from another book that Grandma and Papa gave us for Christmas.

This one, in fact:

We made invisible ink, out of water and lemon juice.

Then we wrote and drew on plain white paper with toothpicks and Q-tips dipped in the mixture.

This is what it looked like before:

We were supposed to learn that there is carbon in lemon juice and that it activates and turns brown when exposed to heat. We exposed the paper to heat after it dried. We used a candle. We were careful to keep it the right distance from the flame. We exposed the correct side. Sadly, it looked about the same as this when we finished, except for some charred parts. Perhaps our lemon juice wasn't fresh enough. Who knows. Regardless, we gave it a try.

The other cool science thing for today... we got a bunny. A science "class pet." Her name is Patches. She came to us free, off of freecycle, from a girl who was headed to college and needed to find a good home for her bunny. The kids are in love. Cleaning and caring for Patches is their responsibility. Hopefully they will be able to do it. We'll see. She is very friendly. Just what we needed, right, one more pet! :)

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  1. Patches is adorable. We've had a guinea pig (not always the same one) for about 12 years now. One tip, make sure you look at Patches' teeth every few days, since rodents teeth always keep growing, they naturally wear them down by chewing on things. If one tooth breaks unevenly the rodent may not be able to gnaw normally and they can cause problems. There are web tutorials on how to clip teeth if necessary. The best thing is to have a vet do it, but vets who treat small animals can be hard to find, and also very expensive.