Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Random Fun

Zhara has been working on making a skate park out of Legos. There is a skate park near us where we sometimes go to play and take the kids to watch the skaters and ride their bikes, so hers is modeled after that one. I find it intriguing that she chose to build a half pike and skate bars, etc, when she doesn't skate... but I love that her imagination is willing to run to whatever. It has been something of a battle of wits between her and Winnie, who is absolutely committed to ripping the skate park apart. Zhara is wanting a large flat Lego building plate now, so that she can build bigger things. Perhaps that will be a nice Valentine's Day present.

I am almost to the point of exhaustion with the game Uno Moo. Yes, Winnie, it is a lovely game, but mama can only say, "blue cow," so many times or , "do you have a blue or a cow, or a white wild card farmer?" before I want to run screaming from the room. We play it every day. Every day. Persistence. One day it will make me very proud of her, I know. She has been feeling kind of lousy, too, which for my children translates into pissy, but very active. Kind of like they're hyped on meth or something. They are not of the groggy and TV watching variety, which is the child sick type I would have prefered to have been dealt, but whatcha gonna do?

Angus has suddenly gotten into scrapbooking. I am not a scrapbooker. Nothing against it, I have plenty of art obsessions, it's just not my thing. Zhara learned the love of scrapbooking from our friend, and, as Winnie refers to her, "our other mama," Kerri. Kerri is a scrapbook diva. Zhara considers her a professional, though by day she is an administrative professional, so perhaps that is her second profession.

Zhara then passed the love on to Angus. Angus is now rather intrigued. Yesterday I took a bunch of blank pages out of Zhara's old baby scrap book (yep, only got a few pages into that one originally... tells you how good I am at it) and tied them together with yarn for him to make his own book. He is in heaven. He has been taping in random photos, few of which have him in it, but he finds them interesting, so why not. He has found stickers for it, cut out magazine pictures, and written his name on the back in foam letter stickers. Today Winnie and I went downstairs and found him a large plastic storage shoebox that he could keep "his" scrapbooking things in so they were separate from his sister's. Zhara even gave him some things that she wasn't going to use. So, look, they have an activity to do together. Sadly, they still scream and gripe at each other the whole time they are doing it, but you know, mama can't ask for miracles, now can she?

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