Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Trip to the School Supply Store

We've had illness, so things are slower than normal, but we still have had a lot going on, as well.

Look, we went shopping at the school supply store! My kids are rather obsessed with maps. Oh heck, me, too. So I had been looking for a big world map for us for awhile. I finally broke down and went to the school supply store. We had fun. We spent like $16 and cleaned up.

We got this giant world wall map with time zones and country flags. Oh my, the kids love it and we have already used it to look up where Alaska is in relationship to Russia and Asia. Which led us into a discussion of the land bridge and pre-historic people. We're excited to get to attend Geography Bowl on Friday with our EDUCATE group. The kids sit around and look at maps and learn about countries and all the questions are created and asked by a teen unschooler in our group who is obsessed with geography. Fun.

Zhara has created a game with this map. It involves a suction cup ball and pitching it at this map. Whatever state it sticks to, she looks it up in the state flip book grandma and papa gave us for Christmas. Then we are regaled with information about our beautiful country. Zhara and Angus have already decided a trip to Montana is a must. Angus wants to dig for the dinosaurs he now knows are there and Zhara thinks any place with the same name as Hannah Montana is awesome. Sigh, well, at least she's interested in geography... I love Montana and actually looked into moving to Missoula for awhile, even interviewing at the PD's office there once. I think it's unlikely we will move there, but a vacation might be perfect some time.

We got some math things for Zhara, too. A couple of write-on, wipe-off math problem boards for Z to practice with if she wants. She did some of them yesterday. We got addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. My kids like games, so I thought, if she had something game like, that she could create a game with, she might do more math. So, we'll see. I also got a poster of multiplication tables for the wall, so she can look them up herself, if she needs some help.

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  1. 'Looking forward to seeing you guys on Friday at Geo Quiz Bowl! We've got some great questions waiting for you . . . :-) I'm so glad you guys want to come try it.