Tuesday, January 19, 2010

An eclectic day

Yesterday was fun. We are making a concerted effort to spend at least one day a week at home just interacting, playing, reading, and having fun. It's better for our psyche, our house, and we tend to find all kinds of fun things to do.

We talked about Martin Luther King, Jr. and read a book yesterday. We talked about how people are treated and Dr. King's history. What he went through to achieve better equality, and that we still have a ways to go.

We also played lots of board games. It's a favorite these days. Spellominoes, that grandma got us for Christmas; another epic round of Monopoly that was brought to an end by a toddler more interested in playing with the shining pieces than the game; and Uno Moo, we play an almost daily game or two of that -- Angus and Winnie LOVE it. The kids are really having fun with the board games, and they learn so much from each other playing them together. It is really a teaching moment between kids.

The kids made an elaborate restaurant and used the cardboard "castle" that Adam built them from old shipping boxes as their restaurant. And Zhara has been doing a creative writing project that I proof read for her yesterday. Look for that coming here in the next few days.

Then in the evening, after Zhara's guitar lesson, we used foam letters to make alphabet letter boards so Angus and Winnie could learn their letters, and because they are foam, they can feel the letters and practice tracing them with their fingers. Angus knows some of his letters, but he's not great at them. He wants to learn, though, so we thought this would be good. Winnie knows some of the letters and has to do everything her brother is doing anyway.

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